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This page will list all the movies I have already reviewed with links in the same vague chronological order and with the same subject headings as the “Suggestions” page.  Again, literature is the last category on the page.

Ancient Rome/Greece


The Eagle

Medieval and Renaissance Europe

Anne of the Thousand Days


Shakespeare in Love

– Anonymous

18th/19 century Europe

– Immortal Beloved

Marie Antoinette

Japanese history

The Last Samurai

American Civil War

– Gettysburg

America, 1950s and after

Ray (Guest Article)

Random 80s movie

Bill and Ted\’s Excellent Adventure

Television Series

The Tudors (season 1, episodes 1-3), The Tudors (season 1, episodes 4-6)


3 responses to “All Reviews

  1. I love what you’re doing here Gabs. Do you take review requests? I just watched Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus last night. So profound and moving!

    • of course, now i see it’s already on your list of movies to watch. apocalypto is a great choice too.

      • Haha, glad you figured it on your own! Thanks for leaving a comment. If I can’t get a job doing history, might as well put it out there for free! Next film is Immortal Beloved (Beethoven movie), but I was thinking Apocalypto soon. Trying to do enough between the bits of Roman history.

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