Scheduling things

Looks like I will be watching Gladiator this evening (with a live tweet feed) and putting up a post about it sometime tomorrow.  I was hoping to watch the movie yesterday and put up the post today but OH WELL.  I am sure nobody was salivating for my upcoming review anyway.

For now, I will leave you with this:

– Commodus became emperor at age 19.  We could have watched Zac Efron defeat Russell Crowe.

– A wrestler named Narcissus strangled Commodus to death in his bathtub.  Too homoerotic to put in the movie?  Perhaps, but we do watch Russell Crowe make love to himself for two and a half hours.

– Accustomed to putting himself on display in the arena, Commodus liked killing things (both animals and humans).  One time he beheaded an ostrich and used it to threaten the senate.  According to Cassius Dio (historian and senator), they mostly thought it was funny.

For next week:

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