Welcome to Historical Histrionics!

his·tor·i·cal :

used in the past and reproduced in historical presentations

his·tri·on·ics :

1: theatrical performances

2: deliberate display of emotion for effect

(pulled from http://www.merriam-webster.com)

It’s your job to determine whether the movies or myself are creating the histrionics.

I briefly considered naming the blog “Historical Hysteria” but considering the historic use of that word focuses around women getting too emotional for their own good, I didn’t want to imply that this blog would be doing the same.  Also, I do hope to have guests write articles at some point, and they might be guys, and that’s a whole mess we don’t want to get into.

This blog will focus on Hollywood’s attempts at creating movies set in the past and often the ridiculous inaccuracies that follow.  I understand that trying to cram important events into 120 minutes can be difficult and that sometimes events must be compacted or changed for dramatic effect.  I’ll make a note of this where appropriate.  Movies that I really like are sometimes not accurate or true to real life events.  It’s okay to fudge stuff sometimes.  I don’t want to only bash films.

Sometimes, though, I will bash films.  If a particular idea or changed event or person is so egregious I can’t get over it, then I’ll make a note of that.  If the change seems to have been made for no other purpose than to please the producers, I’ll make a note of that too.  Sometimes my glee in insulting films will probably be a little mean.

New posts should be up about once a week.  During the week I’ll watch the movie and read relevant material on the subject.  This will include books (or relevant portions of books), biographies, articles, etc.  Depending on the film, I might point out something incorrect that deals with the time period in general (ridiculous costumes, settings, attitudes), sometimes with events and chronology, and sometimes with specific people.  I might do all three.  Movies that warrant a lot of comment might earn two posts in a week.  So, “Gladiator” will have a general discussion of gladiatorial fights in addition to a specific look at Commodus.

If it turns out that the reading load is too heavy, then I’ll find a way to still give a weekly post, but maybe only something really substantial every other week, and something a little more fun the other times.

Finally, every once in awhile I’ll be talking about movies based on historical works.  For example, “The Three Musketeers”, “Troy”, “King Arthur” and those sorts of things.  I realize that the Iliad is anything but fact, but it does contain a lot of relevant cultural information, and considering how wildly popular it was in the following years, it will be fun to look at how the movie differs.  Also, I think we can all agree that “Troy” is absolutely ridiculous.  These will be a little less common, as I don’t want to focus the blog on literature too much, but real history can be brought into this too!

The blog will also sometimes feature comparisons and any other sorts of fun things that we can come up with.  I’m thinking maybe something to do with promoting “Anonymous” which looks hilarious.

I’m starting with a post about Anne Boleyn, as she’s one of my areas of expertise, and then we’ll move on from there.  Stick around, we’re gonna have fun!

4 responses to “Welcome to Historical Histrionics!

  1. Do Pearl Harbor!

    Hopefully they have Rifftrax for that one or you may kill yourself halfway through.

  2. Yay! I love all of this. I cannot wait to see what you skewer.

  3. Heather aka yurmom

    Also, Anne was a witch and wore long sleeves to hide her 6th finger, which grew back after she had it removed.
    Has anyone ever considered the poor horses that Henry rode?

  4. Guaranteed I haven’t seen any of the movies you review since I’m kind of a hermit, maybe this will encourage me to acutally USE my Netflix.

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